Holistic Cancer Support

Oasis Palisades’ special practice in integrative cancer care supports people currently undergoing cancer treatment, those who have completed treatment, and friends & family affected by cancer.

Our complementary therapies are used during and after the course of conventional treatment:

• To Improve Response to Primary Treatment
• To Alleviate Side Effects, Physical/ Emotional
• To Benefit Overall Health, Prevent Recurrence
• To Balance Body, Mind & Spirit
• To Boost Immunity and
• To Enhance Quality of Life

  • Thanks to you I was able to get my platelet count up and finish my chemo. So glad it's done!

    — Cindy L, Los Angeles

  • Toni’s needles and healing touch got me through the pain and nausea from chemo.

    — Jenny P, Los Angeles

Holistic Therapies



Acupuncture is the insertion of very thin needles into specific points that were mapped out by Chinese doctors over two thousand years ago. It is popularly used today to restore physical and emotional balance and promote healing. Acupuncture is safely and effectively combined with conventional cancer treatment to treat the “whole person” – taking into […]

Oncology Massage

Bodywork & Massage

Oncology massage addresses both physical pain and emotional distress as part of a holistic care program. Therapists with specific training in oncology massage will customize treatments according to the needs of each individual client. Whether patients are medically frail or active and robust, massage benefits are wide ranging and improve overall quality of life. Clients […]

Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs

In certain cases, Chinese herbs are recommended as part of an integrative treatment plan. Each formula we prescribe is customized to meet your individual needs and body constitution. Cancer isn’t looked at in isolation – rather, the whole health picture is taken into account. All symptoms, both physical and emotional, are part of the holistic […]

Conditions We Treat

  • Back


    • Headaches   • Back Pain   • Neck Pain   • Shoulder Pain   • Muscle Aches   • Bone Pain   • Calf Pain   • Foot Pain

  • Abdomen

    Nausea & Vomiting

    Approximately 70% of patients undergoing chemo experience nausea (at times with vomiting) as a side effect. Ginger tea, specific foods, and Acuband nausea relief bands can often provide relief. When these measures aren’t enough, acupuncture is often a very effective alternative. For best results, acupuncture is recommended the day before each chemo treatment as well […]

  • Liver 3
  • Face
  • Oncology Massage


    • Fatigue • Insomnia • Stress • Dry Mouth/Difficulty Swallowing • Loss of Mobility • Constipation/Diarrhea • Hot Flashes & Night Sweats • Low White Blood Cells & Platelets • Weakened Immunity